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Ghet (Get) Support: Jewish Divorce

When Jewish couples divorce, they must obtain both a civil and a Jewish divorce (ghet).  If both parties agree, the couple simply makes an appointment at the rabbinical court to obtain the ghet.  No lawyers are necessary.

If, however, there are problems in the marriage, such as abuse, obtaining a ghet can be a challenge because, according to Jewish law, it is up to the husband to give his wife the Jewish divorce and this he must do of his own free will. Not obtaining a ghet leaves a woman chained to her husband (an agunah) which can have serious repercussions for her future.

There are means to help a woman avoid being chained and it is essential that she knows the possibilities available to her. Auberge Shalom supports women through this process by working with the Rabbinical Court (Beit Din), rabbis, lawyers, and Ghet advocates.  Together, we try to find solutions and ways to help women who are caught in their (abusive) marriages.