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Background Information on Special Events

September 1999: 10th Anniversary Celebration - Purple Ribbon Campaign


  • To celebrate the founders, service, and clients;
  • To increase the awareness of the Jewish Community about  the shelter;
  • To sensitize the community to issues of conjugal violence.


Purple Ribbon Campaign/Sukkot:

  • The program offered Auberge Shalom pour femmes the opportunity to work in collaboration with the synagogues of greater Montreal. The goal was to challenge the silence surrounding the issue of abuse within the Jewish home and to strengthen the mission of the shelter.
  • Sixteen synagogues and three individual groups participated. On the weekend of Sukkot, rabbis delivered sermons on the issue of conjugal violence which was followed by Purple Ribbon Rituals in Sukkahs. Prayers for peace and safety for abused women and their children were read by the congregants. Purple ribbons were distributed and attached to the Sukkahs. 

November 1999: Rabbi Abraham Twerski Conference


  • To gather Jewish women’s organizations together to speak out in one voice on conjugal violence;
  • To educate and sensitize the community at large about issues of conjugal violence to help break the silence of abuse.

Programs led by Rabbi Twerski:

  • Two workshops for rabbis and one workshop for professionals;
  • A public lecture.

October 2002: Dr. Peter Jaffe Conference on Children Exposed to Conjugal Violence


  • To educate a wide spectrum of professionals about the impact of children witnessing conjugal violence;
  • To explore clinical issues of detection, prevention, and follow-up;
  • To initiate a community network with individuals and community organizations benefitting these children and their families;
  • To host a presentation which would enable interested members of the community to become aware of the victimization of children living with conjugal violence.


  • A panel discussion  “Children: Forgotten Victims of Spousal Abuse” at the Gelber Centre on Wednesday, October 23, 2002, moderated by Elayne Aber. The panel consisted of Dr. Peter Jaffe, Dr. Norma Joseph, and Fr. Emmet Johns.
  • A full-day seminar for professionals: “Children at Risk: Witnesses to and Victims of Spousal Abuse” on Thursday, October 24, 2002 with Dr. Peter Jaffe.

October 2008: Steven Pinker Lecture “The Decline of Violence”


  • To inform the community about Auberge Shalom pour femmes services for abused women and their children;
  • To break the silence of conjugal violence in the community.


  • Auberge Shalom pour femmes hosted a lecture featuring Steven Pinker, the Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. The lecture was organized by the Auberge Shalom pour femmes Outreach & Education Committee. An extensive media blitz was organized, promoting Auberge Shalom pour femmes on the radio, on television and in the printed press.

May 21, 2009:  Honouring Courage” 20th Anniversary Fundraising Breakfast


  • To raise funds for a new house;
  • To celebrate our 20th Anniversary,  honouring our founders.


  • Screening of ASPF 20th Anniversary video “Honouring Courage”;
  • Honoree: Miriam Charron, Founding President;
  • Guest speaker: Me Adelia Ferreira, Attorney;
  • ECS Vocal Jazz Ensemble;
  • Moderator, Kim Fraser of CJAD.